Walk Thru Cat Scratcher & Lounge


Brand D&C Lifestyle


D&C's exclusive Walk Thru Cat Scratcher & Lounge is specially designed to entertain your cat for hours.It is a multipositional cat scratcher as you can use it on both sides plus your cat can walk thru the middle. When pussy is tired then the curved frame acts a comfortable lounge.

Did you know that cat's claws secrete a scent which marks out their territory?....Therefore once they use a scratcher, they always go back to it and as such it is a proven distraction for keeping their claws away from your furniture.

Warm for sleeping and perfect for playing.The Walk Thru has a unique interior cut out that allows the cat to have an extra hiding place and double the available scratching surface. It is deceivingly strong and has been tested to safely hold up to 15kg of weight.

Made from recycled durable cardboard the Walk Thru now comes in 3 colours : 


Color Choices: White, Brown, or Grey
Dimensions: 86 X 30 X 26.5 CM