Organic Dog Shampoo - Retriever & Long Coat 


Brand Hamish McBeth

A naturally based shampoo for Retrievers, Border Collies, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and long coat breeds. Specifically formulated with plant extracts and natural proteins vitamins. Highly concentrated shampoo that is made with Salon Grade ingredients. With Aloe Vera, a natural plant based extract, which is used to absorb and retain water & provide excellent moisturising for long coats.

Contains natural proteins with high moisturizing   properties that give a moist feeling to the coat and prevent unmanageable hair.  The natural proteins help swell the hair shaft to lift and separate providing volume and strength. Naturally derived sugar emollients & moisturising agents. Bicarb of Soda is used to improve the deodorising and anti-odour on the coat after washing. Natural Coconut oil extract fragrance. Not tested on animals.