Mini Wee Pet Loo


Brand The Pet Loo

The mini wee is the smaller version of the Pet Loo.

This unique pet loo will cater for smaller pets and whether you live in an apartment or a house or take your dog to the office, the pet loo will allow your pet to do its business without relying on you for a toilet opportunity.

It is hygienic,convenient and environmentally friendly.

  • Forget early morning toilet runs
  • No more toilet walks in the rain
  • No more stains or the carpet, outside wood or smelly patios

Preorder note:

Expecting new stock in the next two weeks. Order now to ensure you get one.  These are hard to keep in stock.

The Loo:

The  mini wee is 63cm square (the pet loo is 83cm square) and is 15cm high. The base has been tested to a weight of 300kgs so it can handle dogs of any size.

This innovative lawn toilet contains your pet's waste in one designated area and will ensure your peace of mind on those extended stays out of the home or if you're held up at work.

The compact size allows you to put it on your balcony, courtyard, on the veranda or in the laundry.  Wherever suits!

The Grass:
Extensive testing has ensured the most appropriate synthetic grass has been used to allow for maximum drainage.

The grass can be easily cleaned daily by rinsing with warm water or by lifting out the grass to hose down. Where possible allow the grass to dry out.

You may prefer to have a spare grass top available while the other is being cleaned and dried if required.

The base is slightly angled to assist in the catchment of urine. To clean the base simply remove the grass and wipe the base down with warm water only (some dogs don't like the smell of cleaning products.)

Catchment Jug:
The catchment jug holds approximately 1.75 litres of liquid. The jug can be easily removed and waste poured down a toilet with no spillage. 

Please Note:

This product will be sent directly from the manufacturer and will be separate from your other purchases. Due to the size of the product a courier company is required for delivery and therefore PO Box addresses cannot be used as a signature will be required for receipt of delivery.