Matched Jackie O Designer Hot Pink Dog Collar and Lead


Brand Luxepets

These beautifully made, soft touch collars and leads are the results of 10 years of development. Intended for puppies and smaller breeds (less than 5 kilos), they feature a beautiful design by Claire Chew with crystals, butter soft linings and feel, and a range of colours to suit any dog or outfit.  

We'd describe these as affordable luxury. They are so stylish and such high quality that we couldn't believe we could afford them.  

Quotes from just a few Luxepets reviews:  

"beautiful, extremely well-made " - Betsy Joseph  

"colours were lovely and soft, just like the collar"  

"soft as butter"  

Available in three sizes,

  • 20cm
  • 25cm,
  • 30cm


 Produced in the USA from high quality local products.