Biodegradable Cat Litter Box - Pack of 4 - One month supply

$49.95 $46.95

Brand Poopycat

The Poopy Cat Litterbox is a complete replacement for your traditional litter box. Make your life easier by never having to worry about running low on litter, or having to clean the litter box. Having a fresh new litter box each week will ensure great hygiene for your cat and yourself.


• Ready to use in just a few seconds
• Unfolding is so easy, even your cat could (almost) do it
• Dispose your litter without getting your hands dirty


• Complete litter box alternative with litter
• Strong construction to withstand force of even the most aggressive cats
• High performance product, despite the use of recycled materials


• Most cats don't even need an introduction
• All you need to do is replace your litter box with a new one
• Extensive testing has shown that cats easily adapt

If you would like to have these delivered on a monthly basis (or a schedule you dictate), then feel free order them here,or visit and place your order there, set and forget.  You will never be caught short again.  $39.95 per month on a subscription service.