Snooty Paws is a proudly Australian-owned family company. The prime-movers, who keep us all on our toes, are sisters in law, Ruth and Sarah. Both families are keen and committed pet owners who advocate for pets and animals. With two generations involved in the business we're building for the future and are determined to give you the best experience possible. 


There are three things you can rely on from Snooty Paws:

  1. Our products emphasise fun, flair and fashion. You'll find top brands for sale here: Luxepets, Hamish McBeth, Dogue, D&C Lifestyle, Kwigy Bo and more. Many of our items include an element of whimsy and are popular because they are light-hearted.

  2. All of our products are selected with an eye on safety. Cats and dogs can be entangled or injured by unsafe toys and coats. Just ask your vet how dangerous some common products can be. Tennis balls, for example are just not tough enough for any but the smallest dogs. Poor quality scratching posts can snag your pet's claws.

    You won't have those problems with our fetch toys or cat furniture. Our tough toys are made of strong and durable materials and even our stuffed toys are robust. We carefully consider each product to keep your pet safe.

  3. We use the latest software connections and warehouse technology to fulfil your order. We've thought carefully about this aspect of our business in an effort to offer state of the art delivery. There is no extended wait for despatch. We fill most orders the same business day and in any case no later than the next business day. We also ensure quick and reliable delivery. Products are sent using the best and most reliable carriers.

Pets have always been a big part of our lives and family lives. Sunny, Alex, Toots, Missy and multiple fish and birds have all played a special part in our lives. Consequently, we feel pets deserve to be included in your and your families activities and treated as a family member.  From time to time, they also deserve to be just a little bit spoiled with a special treat. Hopefully, it will be one you bought from us.

This particular photo of our team includes our Golden Retriever, Rev (short for “Revolutions Per Minute” – he was a VERY active puppy), in his natty bandanna. You might also spot some of our pets on the photo banner page.

We host a facebook page, google+ , Pintrest,and Twitter account for Snooty Paws. You'll see these icons scattered around the site in case you want to share anything with us. We always look forward to seeing pets enjoying our products or just being cute or clever. We share our pet experience there and we look forward to sharing yours.

Snooty Paws is our first store. We're hoping to expand the business with other offerings in the near future. If you have any pet-related suggestions or a product you've had trouble sourcing please let us know.