Walk Thru2 and Ziggii Cat Scratcher "Combo Pack"


Brand D&C Lifestyle


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The new Walk-Thru2 & Ziggi Duo brings an element of elegance & style whilst fulfilling the needs for cats to be enriched with the joyful exercise of scratching their talons.

Made from soft recycled paperboard these scratchers will ensure hours of fun, especially good for when left inside for any length of time.....plus the real benefit is that cats have something to scratch other than your furniture! And you can put one in another room to keep your cat interested.

Warm for sleeping and perfect for playing. The Walk-Thru2 has a unique interior cut out that allows your cat to have an extra hiding place and double the available scratching surface.

Cats secrete their scent on the scratcher so they go back to t and not your furniture...making these wonderful scratchers their very own 'happy place'


Available in 2 colours:

Jet Black
Ice White