Hip Walka - Hands Free Lead

$35.00 $32.00

Brand D&C Lifestyle

The Hip Walka is designed to be your perfect companion for outdoor exercising with your dog. It is a simple, multi-function solution for your dogwalking needs. It consists of an easy to use carabineer, soft and ergonomic silicone central grip and thick, resilient bungee loop, with extra stainless steel ring for additional usage opportunities. Loop the Hip Walka onto the jogging belt (size extra large is ideal for all waist lines), belt loop, bike seat post, backpack, or more and use it for a multitude of hands-free activities including: walking, jogging, strolling, hiking and biking. This gives you the freedom to participate in more activities with your hands while your dog is safely clipped beside you.

Walking with the phone or coffee in one hand and your dog suddenly decides to do a poop…the Hip Walka frees up a hand to scoop up the mess into your poop bag….all too easy.

The Hip Walka's bungee material will absorb the shock of sudden pulls, keeping you safe. The jogging belt is made of soft and lightweight recycled P.E.T. webbing which makes it comfortable to wear. Additionally, the red sleeve is movable, allowing for the sleeve to be position in your preferred area on your jogging belt, for preferred attachment of the Hip Walka to the belt.

Get unleashed and enjoy your daily walks together.


Look for the Matched Set of Hip Walka and Ezy On Dog Harness on our site to buy as a set and save $10.