Snooty Paws Style Featured in Recent Bupa Pet Article

Check out Bupa Pet Insurance’s recent article on fun ways to spoil your pet with clothes, ’Pet Fashion: How to Pamper Dogs and Cats in Style’. We were thrilled to be asked to feature in the article and nominated our top style tips, based on our experience of ‘dressing Australia’s pets in style for the last 10 years.’

Most pet owners will find it hard to resist dressing up their pet at some point. It makes them look extra cute or funny, not to mention all the Insta-worthy moments it generates! Special occasions are opportune times for a good dress up; Halloween, Christmas, a birthday party, not to mention weddings and other milestone celebrations.
Of course there may be more practical reasons for putting clothes or socks on your pet – you want to protect them from the sun, keep them warm and to stop them from scratching and slipping on your hardwood floor.

What Are Dog Socks?

A special kind of sock for dogs with mobility problems or for dogs who slip on non-carpeted floors, are now available. These socks are great if your pup struggles to walk on a slippery floor, is at risk of hurting himself or is becoming scared or distressed on certain surfaces. Power Paws are socks that are designed to provide traction. The socks, which are available in different sizes, can greatly improve the quality of life for a dog with hip dysplasia or arthritis since they are more able to walk about with the support the socks provide. Power Paws are available for indoor and outdoor use; a reinforced sock has been designed for more active dogs and rugged outdoor use. 

Doggy Clothes 

Snooty Paws also supplies coats, dresses, tops, and even pyjamas for dogs. Flannelette or wool-lined dog coats keep your pooch dry so he can still enjoy his walk on a rainy day and you don’t have to worry about a wet dog in the house. Or, choose an amusing or cute novelty coat and make him look adorable! How about a designer dress for your female canine to feel her very best? Both you and your dog will love the attention you get when they are all dressed up in their best clothes. 
Whether it is for a practical reason or simply for style, dressing up man’s best friend is loads of fun!

Dog Socks Labrador
July 28, 2016 by Ashley White
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