Welcome to the new Snooty Paws

We've relaunched Snooty Paws just in time for Christmas. You'll see a selection of Christmas gifts available on our front page.

Snooty Paws is here to serve your pet needs with a sense of fun, flair and fashion. You'll find great brands here and an evolving selection of toys, apparel and furniture. We've also established a modern despatch operation that will get your goods to you in no time.

While we haven't bought the Snooty Paws business (it hadn't been trading for a couple of years) we have bought the website and facebook page. Having an established web presence seemed sensible. So forgive us if we don't know your history with the previous company, we don't have access to previous orders or information.

A fresh start for Snooty Paws is a good thing and we're looking to bring our experience, in terms of pets and service, to the new business.

If you'd like to see how we go, or just stay in touch, I encourage you to sign-up for an account.

October 19, 2015 by Sheldon White
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Ashley said:

Looking forward to the new snooty paws site.:-)

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