Testemonial on Power Paws - Great Medication for your Dog

Well ........ we are all totally stunned!!  Mia has absolutely turned into a different little dog - she is just flying around. Running from one end of the house to the other.  So incredibly confident and happy.  I cannot believe the difference these socks have made for her.  So so grateful to you all!
Thank you very much - I am going to go on the page tomorrow and order the regular ones as you have suggested, i think they will be better on her back legs.
I just cannot thank you enough - it is just extraordinary to see her this way.  She really has gained confidence in a few short hours and is a happy little dog full of confidence and fun.
Thank you again!
Jill M
November 15, 2016 by Ashley White

Now Stocking Ezi On Dog Harnesses

We met some incredible people at the August Sydney Dog Lovers show and one of them was the manufacturer of the Ezi On Dog  Harness.  Available in 4 sizes and designed to keep your best friend safe when travelling in the car, or just as a general harness.  Very ezi to slip on and secure.  We now are stocking these at www.snootypaws.com.au


See you at Snooty Paws.

November 02, 2016 by Ashley White
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Snooty Paws Style Featured in Recent Bupa Pet Article

Check out Bupa Pet Insurance’s recent article on fun ways to spoil your pet with clothes, ’Pet Fashion: How to Pamper Dogs and Cats in Style’. We were thrilled to be asked to feature in the article and nominated our top style tips, based on our experience of ‘dressing Australia’s pets in style for the last 10 years.’

Most pet owners will find it hard to resist dressing up their pet at some point. It makes them look extra cute or funny, not to mention all the Insta-worthy moments it generates! Special occasions are opportune times for a good dress up; Halloween, Christmas, a birthday party, not to mention weddings and other milestone celebrations.
Of course there may be more practical reasons for putting clothes or socks on your pet – you want to protect them from the sun, keep them warm and to stop them from scratching and slipping on your hardwood floor.

What Are Dog Socks?

A special kind of sock for dogs with mobility problems or for dogs who slip on non-carpeted floors, are now available. These socks are great if your pup struggles to walk on a slippery floor, is at risk of hurting himself or is becoming scared or distressed on certain surfaces. Power Paws are socks that are designed to provide traction. The socks, which are available in different sizes, can greatly improve the quality of life for a dog with hip dysplasia or arthritis since they are more able to walk about with the support the socks provide. Power Paws are available for indoor and outdoor use; a reinforced sock has been designed for more active dogs and rugged outdoor use. 

Doggy Clothes 

Snooty Paws also supplies coats, dresses, tops, and even pyjamas for dogs. Flannelette or wool-lined dog coats keep your pooch dry so he can still enjoy his walk on a rainy day and you don’t have to worry about a wet dog in the house. Or, choose an amusing or cute novelty coat and make him look adorable! How about a designer dress for your female canine to feel her very best? Both you and your dog will love the attention you get when they are all dressed up in their best clothes. 
Whether it is for a practical reason or simply for style, dressing up man’s best friend is loads of fun!

Dog Socks Labrador
July 28, 2016 by Ashley White

Snooty Paws and Ezy Paws coming to Sydney Dog Show - August 2016

Snooty Paws and Ezy Paws will be at the Sydney Dog Lovers show on August 6 & 7.  Hope you can drop in and say hello.  Would love to meet our Customers!!  

Royal Hall of Industries Moore Park Sydney


July 15, 2016 by Ashley White
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Selecting Cat Toys

Cat with Toy

Playing with your cat is part of providing a stimulating environment, which makes for a happy and healthy cat. Play gives them an outlet for their energy, mental and physical stimulation, the opportunity to satisfy their instinctive hunting drive and a chance to bond with you.

Cats really enjoy toys such as balls, with or without bells inside, felt or sisal-wrapped toys, which they can dig their claws into, or teaser toys consisting of a long flexible items that let you move an enticing lure at the end.

Keep any toys that could be harmful to your cat out of reach when you can't supervise its play. This includes items with ribbons, feathers, strings, tinsel, eyes or other small decorations. Basically, anything that your cat could chew off and swallow. Also, avoid rigid toys that could trap a claw.


Catnip is a member of the mint family and contains a chemical that attracts cats. When  dried, it gives off an odor that has a powerful effect on some (though not all) cats.

Catnip is safe, and your cat won't get addicted to it. Keep a plastic container of dried catnip on hand to give to your kitty, or you could even grow some.

Unsafe Toys

Only let your cat play with toys or other objects that are safe. Cat-proof the house by hiding these things:

  • String, yarn, ribbon and dental floss
  • Rubber bands
  • Plastic bags (especially drycleaner bags—she could suffocate)
  • Anything else that your cat might chew
  • Paper clips
  • Pins and needles

Getting the most out of your cat's toys

Your cat can become bored with their toys. Rotate your cat's toys regularly, making a small selection available at a time. If your cat has a favourite you might want to leave that one out all the time.

Provide toys that offer a variety of uses—at least one toy to carry, one to wrestle with, one to roll and one to "baby."

Many of your cat's toys should be interactive. This kind of play is important for your cat, because she needs active "people time"—and such play strengthens the bond between you and your cat.

February 27, 2016 by Sheldon White

February Newsletter Specials

As promised, we'll be organising some great specials for loyal newsletter customers from time to time. This February discounts of up to 40% (including the loyalty discount) will be available on our new product lines.

We're looking to get some collars and tags out on the street and generate some buzz. It seems to us that getting items into the hands of existing customers and showing them off on their pets is the best way to go.

To take advantage of this offer, register before 25 February and then check the newsletter on 26 February.



February 20, 2016 by Sheldon White

Choosing toys for your dog

choosing Toy Blog Dog with Rope Toy
Picking the right toy for your dog isn't always easy. Dogs have different preferences and habits just like people. Some are heavy chewers, some will play alone, some just like something cuddly. It may take you a while to work out what your dog likes.
Fetch toys
Just a quick word on fetch toys...
January 20, 2016 by Sheldon White
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Post Xmas Sale Kicks Off!

We have slashed prices to clear out stock ready for a new year of fun, flair, and fashion items for your furry friend.  $9 shipping until 1 Jan still in effect.   Use the discount code to get 20% of the already reduced prices.  We look forward to bringing you great items and providing great service in 2016.
December 28, 2015 by Ashley White

Christmas comes to an end

We've passed the point where we can guarantee delivery before Christmas. This means Christmas is over for Snooty Paws!

We in the Snooty Paws team wish you all a happy Xmas and safe travels. We'll be enjoying Xmas with our family (Rev and the budgies included) and we'll put our effort into our Post Xmas sale.

I'll post the details of the sale here tomorrow.

December 20, 2015 by Sheldon White

Welcome to the new Snooty Paws

We've relaunched Snooty Paws just in time for Christmas. You'll see a selection of Christmas gifts available on our front page.  

Snooty Paws is here to serve your pet needs with a sense of fun, flair and fashion. You'll find great brands here and an evolving selection of toys, apparel and furniture. We've also established a modern despatch operation that will get your goods to you in no time.

We have some exciting news....

October 19, 2015 by Sheldon White