Easter often means chocolate – and lots of it! but be careful not to feed any to your pets or you may end up spending your long weekend at the vets.

According to an article at the Herald Sun, a chemical found in chocolate, theobromine triggers the release of the euphori hormone, seratoning in humans, but in dogs it can lead to intoxication and poisoning.

Initially chocolate will upset your pets digestive system due to the high levels of fat and sugar and can cause vomiting, nausea and increased urination and diarrhoea but six to 12 hours later the chemical kicks in casing pets to urinate more and become agitated and excitable. It can even cause irregular heart beats, blood pressure changes, seizures and if left untreated, fatal. Chocolate is also harmful to other pets.

So keep all chocolate treats – chocolate eggs and boxed chocolates and chocolate chip hot cross buns well away from pets. Although the tiniest piece of chocolate won’t necessarily harm a dog – they will get a taste for it and sniff out more.

Keep an eye on your pets around children and ensure that they know not to feed the pets their treats.

Happy Easter everyone!

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