Summer is well and truly here and the days are now becoming noticably hotter and more humid.

Your dog and cat will also find the hot weather uncomfortable so here are some hints and tips courtesy of the Martha Stewart website to keep your pet happy during the hot Summer weather.

- Dogs’ cooling systems are different from ours – they can cool off only through panting and sweating a little on the pads of their feet, and usually those pads are walking on hot concrete.
- Warning signs of overheating include excessive panting and glazed eyes; the dog also will not want to move if it is becoming overheated.
- If your dog is overheated, take it to a cool, shady area and give it cool water and spray it with cool water. If your dog is in really bad shape, take it to the vet right away.
- Dogs with flat faces have a harder time breathing and panting. Marc suggests putting ice cubes in a tube sock and loosely wrapping it around their necks.
- For a white-haired dog, use sun block on its nose and belly. Vaseline on pads helps reduce heat level.

General Tips
- Don’t leave pets at home with windows closed and no air conditioning. If you don’t have air conditioning, keep a frozen bottle of water on the floor.
- Watch your pets around large pools: Even if there are steps, don’t assume your dog knows to use them.
- Carry a bottle of water when you walk your dog.

For our cat Jackson we’ve set up an area on the couch under the fan for him to sleep. We also make sure his water bowl is always topped up and if he’s looking a bit hot and bothered i’ll bring his water bowl over for him to drink as he becomes quite lazy when it’s hot. We also shut the windows and doors and put the air conditioning on when we’re at home and when we lock up the house to go out we leave several fans on throughout the house to keep him cool.

It also goes without say that you should NEVER leave a pet in a car during Summer – even for a short time becuase it the midday Summer sun your car will become very hot and your pet could die.

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