Going away on a holiday is something everyone looks forward to. Time to relax, see new things, meet new people and completely unwind but what do you do with your pets?

If you’re lucky you’ve got someone who can look after them but what if you don’t? and what do you do if you don’t want to put your pets into a kennel? Well you can take them with you of course!

More accommodation places in Australia are realising that being pet friendly can give them a niche over other venues but how do you find out where these places are?

By checking out these links:

Wotif - Pet Friendly Accommodation is listed under each state. You can book online. Wotif is one of the most popular accommodation booking sites. 

Take a break - lists almost 200 places in Australia. It’s not the easiest site to read or look at but each listing provides a few photo’s

Holidaying with dogs - lists accommodation by state but you can’t view pictures of each place until you click on each listing which is a bit annoying

Stayz – This site lets you narrow your search to regions within each state which is helpful

Dogz Online – lists accommodation places by state but it’s not a very helpful site as there are no photo’s.

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2 Responses to “Pet Friendly Accommodation in Australia”

  1. Steve Wade Says:

    Take your pets with you unless you have a dog like mine, we have a west highland white terrier who is an absolute nightmare in the car, barking and yelping the whole time. Such a shame as they would love to be with us. Any ideas please leave a comment on my website, there is a photo of Ally on my website too petanimals.org.best regards Steve

  2. Gold Coast Says:

    Hi, you can find more accommodation places in Australia are realized that pet friendly…you can book online pet friendly accommodation under each state…thanks…

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