It’s been a very hot past few days around Australia so we thought we’d post a blog post with some tips on how to keep your pet cool.

Our poor cat Jackson has been flopping all over the house and is sleeping all day either spread out on the tiles or on the couch or bed under the fan. You can’t help but feel more sorry for them because they’re covered in fur (and cats don’t seem to understand that water helps them cool off!)

So how do you keep your cat or dog cool?

Well firstly you need to ensure they have a shady spot to rest in that will be shaded throughout the day if they are an outside pet. If you know it’s going to be a very hot day perhaps consider letting your pet inside for the day where it’ll probably be cooler if you have air conditioning or fans on.

Keep their water bowls topped up and keep an eye on them. Your pet might accidentally knock their bowl and tip the water out or it might evaporate on a hot day. Try to buy a bowl with a heavy base and a non slip grip edging around the base to prevent it being knocked over or even a self watering bowl. You could drop a couple of ice cubes in to cool the water temp down further.

If your pet shows signs of heat distress (Such as panting, increased heartbeat, lethargy or seems to be stressed or pacing) a quick cooling off tip is to wet a towel and rub them down or if you have a dog hose them down outside or in the shower. Immersing your pets feet in water will also help quickly cool them down (although I wouldn’t want to try that with most cats!).

To keep their bedding cool you could freeze some gel packs or if you need a cool option straight away, wrap some frozen peas or corn in a tea towel and place in their bedding area for them to lean against.

Give them some freezable cool chew toys such as the cool teething stick for dogs or the chilly kitty chew for cats.

If you think your pet is severely suffering wet them, wrap them in wet towels and take them to the vet immediately.

Do you have any other great tips you’d like to share? feel free to comment

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