We have a new Guardian Angel + a St. Francis dog collar ID tags which can be engraved with your pets contact and ID details or simply worn as a collar charm.

Our Guardian Angel tag is Inspired by all the guardian angels watching over us, this gold charm features a flying dog with wings + a halo that says in gold writing against a white ibackground ‘Guardian Angel Protect My Dog’.

Our St. Francis tag is inspired by the patron Saint of animals, St. Francis of Assisi. This ID tag or charm represents the beloved blessing + protection offered by St. Francis for all animals of the world.


The St. Francis pet ID tag can also be worn as a collar charm


Our Guardian Angel pet ID tag

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One Response to “Guardian Angel + St. Francis Pet ID Tags, Collar Charms”

  1. Leo Says:

    This s such a nice dog tag! I hope you can engrave a dog name behind that dog tag.

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