On Sunday we visited Nathan and Clare’s house to take some pictures of their cute Shih Tzu x Maltese dogs Leroy and Bella.

Being a little older and wiser than Didi they were much calmer and willing to participate – they will do anything for their doggy treats! Bella is a girl and managed to fit into the medium sized tops while Leroy who is a male required the large sizes.

It was so much fun to see them try on the different tops and neither of them seemed to mind all the outfit and collar changes. Bella showed us her new trick of rolling over while Leroy turned it on for the cameras.

Check out the website to see their pics.

Thanks Clare and Nathan for letting us borrow Bella and Leroy – they were so cute and well behaved!


Bella in the pink Princess top and Leroy in the Proud to Serve and Protect top


Leroy posing in the Hard Body top

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