You won’t find any of these sorts of costumes at Snooty Paws!

I received a funny email containing these pictures titled: Why dog’s bite people.

Halloween Dog Costume

Halloween dog costume with a headless rider!

Jewish Dog Costume

For a less emabrassing Jewish themed dog outfit click here.

Porcupine Hedgehog dog costume

A porcupine / hedgehog costume

Aeroplane dog costume

A stylish aeroplane outfit…

Ballerina princess dog costume

A princess / ballerina outift

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3 Responses to “Dog clothing outfits that will make your dog cringe!”

  1. Belinda Says:

    LOL…The aeroplane outfit is hilarious!

  2. FAM Says:

    Can I use the last picture?

  3. kristin kyle Says:

    You will have to come check out our pageants for dogs where they get to wear all these groovy clothes and have fun:)

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