Your cat will live in comfort + designer style in the Cat Condo DeLuxe. Perfect for apartment or confined living areas + for those who want to minimise clutter.

The DeLuxe Cat Condo is a self assembly piece of furniture supplied as a flat pack. Once assembled it sits comfortably within any room in your home.

We love how the cat condo is both stylish + functional by allowing your cat to have their own cubby space (cats love to hide out in drawers) while keeping their food, water bowl + bed neatly in one space.

The main material used is MDF for a sleek, high quality finish + the timber board used is environmentally friendly, sourced from renewable growth forests in Australia. Proudly Australian made.

The cat condo’s sleek + modern design will look amazing in your home

Featuring two pull out drawers your cat can hide, eat + sleep in comfort without clutting up your home

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