Flip Litter Box with Scoop and 2 Liners


Brand D&C Lifestyle

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The Flip Litter Box gets its name from its hinged, magnetic lid which effortlessly opens with a finger and gratifyingly shuts with a snap. Flip the lid once for daily scooping, flip twice for more thorough clean-ups. There is no clumsy removal of a large hood as Flip provides unfettered access from above. The top mounted lid results in a full height base, which creates a seamless, liquid tight enclosure. It houses the liner and its contents neatly inside for a tidy litter containment solution. Flip's minimal design and matt white finish will complement any environment.

Dimensions are 43cm H x 33cm W x 52cm D

The Flip assists to correct poor cat toiletting behaviour by providing a clean, private litter area.
The Flip is available in durable white plastic and comes with two scratch and water resistant recycled paper board liner trays and a plastic scoop which hangs on the side of the flip.
Constructed of a single, seamless, coated sheet of recycled paper board, the Flip Liner is liquid tight, scratch-resistant and lasts up to a month. Simply unfold, drop inside and secure with the included liner band. Every Flip comes with two liners for up to two months of use.